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Your vitamin & mineral needs after Bariatric Surgery

In order to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you will be on supplements for the rest of your life.  Your body is now going to be consuming less food and will not absorb nutrients as well as prior to surgery. It is important to follow a regimen and stick to it, in order to prevent problems down the road. General recommendations are as follows:

Beginning the first day after surgery and continuing everyday, each patient should be taking a daily multivitamin, 2,000 mg of calcium citrate daily, and a protein supplement to help you achieve your protein levels.  Many surgeons recommend that for the first month post-op all vitamins and mineral supplements should be taken in a chewable, powder, or liquid form; not pills.  The above suggestions are universal.

Additional supplementation may be needed or warranted based on an individual basis. As you progress after surgery supplementing with folate, vitamin B12 , and Iron may be beneficial. It is very important to follow up with your surgeon routinely for blood work, to evaluate your nutritional status.  The idea is to consume 100% of your nutrition each day, eating small portions and reducing your caloric intake. Not easy to do, however, you will be a pro before you know it!

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