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Your protein needs after Bariatric Surgery

Patients that have undergone weight loss surgery have different nutritional needs than other people.  Some surgery may inhibit absorption of nutrients, but all surgery is successful because it helps control portion size.  Post-operatively you will only be able to consume very small amounts of food three times a day at meal time.  This restriction makes it imperative that the foods being consumed are appropriate to provide the necessary nutrients for your body daily.

Protein plays a crucial role in the health of your body.  It is one of the body’s main building blocks for muscle, skin, bone and other tissues.  The first three months after surgery, you will lose an extreme amount of weight.  Your surgeon wants to make sure that your lean body mass remains intact and is not sacrificed or compromised.  The goal with weight loss surgery is to lose body fat not muscle.  Protein at this time is usually higher than normal diets to help make that happen.  Protein goals daily should range between 50-60 grams to give your body what it needs while maintaining lean muscle.  No matter what your BMI, a good percentage of your body weight is lean muscle.  Three meals a day, consisting of good quality protein, plus additional protein supplementation is very important.

Bariatric protein supplements, are made of good quality protein that is tasty and easily digestible.  They are made of whey protein isolate, are lactose free, have no aftertaste and come in a great variety of flavors.  They are highly recommended by leading Bariatric surgeons.  Help your body meet it’s protein needs by consuming 2-3 protein supplements daily for the first 3 months post-op.  These protein supplements can be used successfully in place of a meal or as a “buffer”, after 3 months, if you have an extended period of time between meals.  It is important to plan ahead, in order to guarantee that you will never skip a meal.  Taking a supplement with you, just in case you get delayed is a great idea.  They are convenient and perfect for the person “on the go”!

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