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Zesty Lemon Crisp Protein Bar
Zesty Lemon Crisp Protein Bar
Zesty Lemon Crisp Protein Bar
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Zesty Lemon Crisp Protein Bar

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Crispy. Crunchy. Tangy. The distinctly refreshing taste of lemon is paired with crunchiness in this protein bar. Just the right amount of zest in your day with 15g of protein and 11g of fiber. At only 160 calories, unwrap and enjoy this lemony cookie bar coated in lemon-flavored yogurt. Go ahead- indulge in the New York Bariatric Group Zesty Lemon Crisp Protein Bars that give you bold flavor, without excess sugar and carbs. A favorite snack anytime, anywhere.

Each bar is packed with flavor and full of the nutrients you need. Great for an on- the-go snack that’s great for you, throw a bar in your backpack for after a workout or keep one in your car for a delicious escape from a traffic jam—these bars are for anytime.

Key Elements:

  • 15 g of Protein
  • 5-14 g Net Carbs
  • 3-12 g Fiber
  • 1-6 g Sugar
  • 160-170 Calories
  • Gluten Free

Key Things about our Protein Bars:

  • NYBG’s Protein Bars contain 4 important elements which are important to both bariatric surgery patients as well as medical weight loss: 15 g protein, 5- 14 g net carbs, 3-12 g fiber and 1-6 g sugar.
  • Many patients struggle to meet their daily protein goals while maintaining a lower carbohydrate/sugar intake— our bars are the perfect solution! Finally, a tasty, high-quality protein bar that will satiate your hunger!
  • Maintain muscle and curb your cravings by munching on one of our delicious, protein-packed snacks which contains fiber.
  • Protein Quality – Since quality is a critical element in our products, we used a blend of high-quality protein.
  • Fiber – Our bars include fiber which helps increase satiety, the feeling of fullness. Fiber also helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as assist with bowel regularity. These bars contain 3-12 g of fiber per serving!
  • Nutrition Stats – With nutrition stats of only 160-170 calories per serving our bars will crush those dessert cravings in a healthy way without increasing your waistline!
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in

Serving Size 1 bar

Servings per container 7

Calories per serving 160

Total Fat 7g

Saturated Fat 3.5g

Trans Fat 0g

Cholesterol Less than 5g

Sodium 150mg

Potassium 40mg

Total Carbohydrate 19g

Dietary Fiber 4g

Sugars 3g

Includes 2g Added Sugars

Sugar Alcohol 11g

Protein 15g

Calcium 60mg

Iron 0.8mg

Potassium 40mg